How To Improve Old Rolling Stock: Introduction

As you may well know, I originally got this hobby in my teens, being forced to take a break when I ran out of space and went to uni.

Spin forward 10 years and I now have a large quantity of rolling stock that I inherited from the offset, some of which is really starting to look quite dated and tired held up against modern offerings. The quality of models has improved leaps and bounds in that 10 year absence from the hobby, so this poses a question: How can I bring those old clapped out ‘toy’ coaches in line with the brand spanking new super detailed models on offer today?


I’m going to take you through a few processes I have been trying out to breath new life into my old stock, in particular this rake of Hornby LMS (Railroad) Coaches.

Beware: I’ve waffled a fair bit whilst writing up this project, it’s quite long! To break it down and to make it easier to digest I’ve broken the process down into three steps:

Part 1: Painting
Part 2: Coupling
Part 3: Gangway Connectors
Prologue: Cost

Let’s Begin: Part 1 >>

6 thoughts on “How To Improve Old Rolling Stock: Introduction

  1. […] Looking from the other side, by this time had added two more sidings in the centre of the layout to form more of a yard. This picture also shows the uncompleted level crossing (something which wouldn’t be fully finished until the addition of the 3rd loop), my original power distribution method which was created to avoid drilling and an outing of the 5 coach rake of LMS coaches I later do a makeover on. […]

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