#NightTube Coming To Northern Line

Sadiq Khan earlier announced that Night Tube services on the Northern Line would commence on 18th November.

Source: Independent >>

This of course comes on the day the Jubilee Line starts running 24 hours services on Friday and Saturdays.

So the big questions:
When is a Northern Line service a Night Tube?
Will there be a couple of fresh pocket maps I wonder?
Will there be any other unusual service patterns like the Secret Night Tube to Epping?
Will it be exactly the same as when I took a trip on the new services last month?


The Train on Kaleidoscope Lines (British passenger railway post-privatisation visual identities)

Great post here from Daniel Wright about post-privatisation visual identities and branding.

The Beauty of Transport

When British Rail was privatised in 1994, no-one knew quite what to expect, not in terms of the way the new railway would operate, nor what it would feel like to use, nor even what it would look like. The story of the visual identity of the newly privatised British railway network turned out to be the story of that very same confusion.

The railways of Britain were privatised on 1 April 1994. As ever with the privatised railway, any simple statement like that one covers a much more complicated underlying meaning. In fact, most of the railway remained in public ownership, but a new structure was put in place with the intention that the elements within it would be sold off over the next few years, as indeed they were. Infrastructure owner Railtrack was floated on the London Stock Exchange in 1996, while the 25 passenger train operating units…

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