Adopting Huddersfield

This week Geoff and Vicki’s All The Stations adventure began in deepest darkest Cornwall. In the unlikely event that you’ve arrived at this blog without any prior knowledge of the All The Stations project then here’s what it’s all about:

All The Stations is a project for Geoff and Vicki to travel to ALL the national railway stations in Britain in just three months, and to create an online documentary film about the journey. Geoff is a freelance video editor and transport vlogger, Vicki is a museum education professional. Our transport videos already published online have accumulated over 6 million views on Youtube, but in this latest project the aim is to capture the current status of Britain’s railways, and bring them to life as we explore the reality of the places and people we encounter along the way.

The project was predominantly crowdfunded by Geoff and Vicki’s subscribers and in return they offered backers various rewards for pledging money towards the documentary. One of the most popular rewards on offer was the chance to ‘adopt’ one of the 2563 railway stations in Great Britain.

So let me tell you about my adopted station, Huddersfield.

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In Search Of Network SouthEast: Downham Market Preview

As you may know we visited Downham Market this week to take a look at the fantastic NSE style refurbishment. This will form the basis for a follow up video to In Search Of Network SouthEast,” which I intend to get edited in the next 2-3 weeks. In the meantime check out the Periscope we did from Downham Market below…

Don’t forget to keep sending in your pictures of NSE signage and infrastructure to @CASRailwayBlog and I’ll feature them in the video!

2016 ORR Station Data: Movers & Shakers

Around this time each year the Office of Rail & Road Station Usage Report gets published, which is like an early Christmas present arriving at the doors of CAS Towers. The report details the estimated1 usage of every station8 on the UK rail network.

1Estimated because not all stations on the UK network are gated and therefore do not provide a 100% accurate reading of passenger usage. Usage is also estimated where stations are grouped together as a single destination (e.g. Manchester All, Liverpool All, London Zone 2). For more information click here.

It should also be noted that by utilising the Oyster Card system, the methodology for collecting data in London has greatly changed from last year. (More on this later).

Much raw data, facts, figures, numbers and spreadsheets have been digested, so let’s get straight to business! Like last year, we’ll start by looking at the UK’s most and least used stations. For all the stats I’m using in this review I’m going to be focusing on Combined Entry & Exit data. ‘1 Passenger’ is defined as a journey starting or ending at any given station.
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