Buy Your Own LIVE Departure Board!

Calling All Stations is delighted to announce that it has partnered up with Rail Departures to offer readers 5% off on your very own LIVE departure board by using code CALLINGALLSTATIONS at checkout. Watch the Review Bellow!

Rail Departure Banner

The displays makes use of National Rail Enquiries’ (or Real Time Trains) API meaning they show real-time departure information from your selected station. The built in WiFi also means that once setup the boards can run stand alone.

Available in three sizes, including a NEW mini desktop display, the boards are fully customisable too, meaning you can choose your own favourite station, colour scheme and information characteristics.

These are a must have for any rail enthusiast as well as being brilliant addition for offices, pubs, restaurants or businesses that may be interested in live departure and status information from their local station.

Readers of can get 5% off on their departure board by quoting CALLINGALLSTATIONS at checkout

Watch The CAS Preview!

Full Features:

  • Firmware wrote to simulate the look and feel of real Next Train Indicator boards in great detail.
  • You can set any UK departure station and optional destination station.
  • Currently supports two API’s (Realtime Trains and National Rail Enquires).
  • Fully configurable (colours, animation timings, display options/features).
  • Power saving (will dim between set times).
  • Desktop configuration app and web app(coming soon!).
  • Built in WiFi.
  • Plug and play. Just plug in it, set your WiFi details and your good to go!
  • 5v Wall power supply included.
  • New firmware features being added all the time! (ie Clock, custom user messages, rainbow text effects and many more!).


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