RailwayManiac: Railway Air Services

For a look at when the ‘Big Four’ railway companies operated domestic airline services within the United Kingdom take a look at my latest blog post on Railway Air Services

Even back in the 1920s the “Big Four’ railway companies were aware of the development of transport especially the growth of the domestic airline industry which they perceived as a serious threat, so in 1929 the ‘Big Four’ – GWR, LMS, LNER and SR – obtained Parliamentary approval to run their own air services. Apart from SR’s unsuccessful attempt to take control of Imperial Airways nothing much happened until 1931 when the four railway companies made an arrangement with the then Imperial Airways Ltd. for urgent freight and parcels addressed to a destination on any air route operated by Imperial to be handed in at certain railway stations and forwarded at an inclusive freight charge.

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Edward Kendall

Review: Bachmann 25th Anniversary Set

Next up for review, something a little special: The Bachmann 25th Anniversary set (25-2014). No bonus points for deciphering that complicated product code!

I’m always a little behind the times with purchases, usually buying locos that have been out a while. This set however was released just a few months ago, and with internet analysis fairly sparse, this will be my most up-to-date review yet.

Featuring a Jubilee Class and Class 47, let’s take a closer look…

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