Review: Hornby Class 50

Every modeller no doubt has a ‘wish list’ of locos he or she wants to buy. Usually they are very long wish lists and of course I am no different. Every model I have reviewed thus far had previously featured on my list of desirables. Today, however, something different… Something of which I’m sure every other modeller has done too… The Impulse Purchase!


Let’s see if it’s any good…

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How To Improve Old Rolling Stock: Part 2 – Coupling

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One of the main reasons for embarking on this little project was to sort out the spacing between the coaches. Whilst the old Lima/Hornby D-Ring type tension locks are functional, they have since been superseded by slimmer and more compact variants that leave a more realistic spacing between rolling stock.

Image from Hornby

The majority of modern OO Gauge rolling stock is now fitted with NEM pockets, a standard design used across manufacturers so users can interchange their coupling types. Continue reading

How To Improve Old Rolling Stock: Part 1 – Painting

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The term ‘painting’ seems to scare a lot of people. It sounds like you have to know what you’re doing… It conjures up the image of hours of irreversible hand painted craft work or overly complicated resprays with air brushes. Whilst I am going to be doing a tiny bit of respraying, it’s not complicated and the whole job doesn’t require a masters degree in art. Continue reading