Langstead – Episode 17: Outer Oval Completion

A quick update to detail the completion of the Outer Oval Extension from last episode.


The new line is now fully operational. As you’ll notice in the above photo, not all the landscaping has been finished. This is first to allow for the level crossing to be extended (how this will work I’m not sure yet due to the height difference). Secondly, I’ve not decided how to model over the join in the two boards. Previously I’ve laid ballast first leaving the track to be placed on top. (This picture illustrates that).  This works but makes the track uneven in places so I may investigate other methods – perhaps painting and adding railings to create a faux bridge.


In other news I’ve also wired up the layout in a more permanent fitting with my new control unit now sitting underneath my AKAI soundcard on my desk. It’s a Gaugemaster 3 Track TS Model – picked up on eBay for an absolute steal!


EWS Class 86

A Class 86 in EWS branding pulls some container freight on the new line.


1959 Stock

And finally… You’ll find many modellers like to enact operational timetables and stock movements on their layouts. I’m no different… opting to recreate my mornings commute during the recent London Storm.

Stay tuned for some more layout updates soon!

– Andy Carter


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