Langstead: The Story So Far

Those of you following me on Twitter will have no doubt noticed a few dramatic developments on my layout of late. Whilst these will be worthy of their own posts as they advance, I thought now would be a good time to take stock of my layout thus far and see how it’s progressed over the 2 years I have been working on it.

August 2012 marked my return to the hobby I took up in my teens after I rediscovered my old models on a visit to my parents loft. At the time I lived in a shared flat, meaning I couldn’t have anything too permanent, however a plan started to develop

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Langstead – Episode 20: Up (& Other Updates)

It’s been a while, but here’s what I have been doing on The Main Line this year…

You’ll remember in Episode 18, that it had always bothered me that I had kept the entire layout open and visible- making it that bit less realistic. In fact I said just this:

“If I was going to start again from scratch I’d hide half the layout behind some scenery, a wall or hill perhaps. Trains would disappear behind such a wall and reappear elsewhere which would look visually more realistic than being able to see the full oval. This after all is how many modellers design their layouts. Continue reading

Langstead – Episode 17: Outer Oval Completion

A quick update to detail the completion of the Outer Oval Extension from last episode.


The new line is now fully operational. As you’ll notice in the above photo, not all the landscaping has been finished. This is first to allow for the level crossing to be extended (how this will work I’m not sure yet due to the height difference). Secondly, I’ve not decided how to model over the join in the two boards. Previously I’ve laid ballast first leaving the track to be placed on top. (This picture illustrates that).  This works but makes the track uneven in places so I may investigate other methods – perhaps painting and adding railings to create a faux bridge. Continue reading