OO Gauge Layout:

After a lengthy amount of thought I have decided that I have gone as far as possible with Langstead Junction. It’s time for me to start on something new.¬†I’ve got some pretty big ideas and ambitions of what I’d like to achieve with a new project, and for this I need a blank canvas.

Rather than just cannibalising the layout I’ve spent the last 3 years working on, I’ve made the decision to put it up for sale, in the hope that it can bring some joy to someone else.

I’ve attached some pictures of Langstead Junction in it’s currents state bellow, but if you’d like to see more images and videos you can of course review the whole story from scratch on this blog!

In brief the layout features:

  • 3 loops allowing for 3 trains to run at once.
  • A number of additional loops on the middle track.
  • A small terminus station on the inner track.
  • Motorised points.
  • Upper tier section featuring: > Working shunting yard. (Power switchable from inner loop). > Underground Station. (Unpowered).
  • 2 working signals. > 1 using automated infra-red. > 1 with route indicator controlled by point motor.
  • Detailed town scene with a range of Hornby & Bachmann resin structures.
  • Street lights and building LEDs.

Power & Setup:

  • The layout is wired for DC operation, but could be adapted by the buyer to work with DCC.
  • The layout is supported by 8 detachable legs and measures roughly 6ft x 4ft.

Please Note: No rolling stock will be included in the sale. I’m keeping that for my next project ūüėČ If you’re interested and would like to know more or to discuss¬†a price please get in contact. I can sell the layout with or without the controllers, both from Gaugemaster, seen bellow. Please be aware¬†the buyer would need to pick up the layout themselves from my flat in East London and would require an adequate vehicle to transport it.

Langstead Makes The Tube Map!

Thanks to a Twitter suggestion from yours truly, my fictional town of Langstead is now on The Tube Map!

Not the real one of course but an Alternative version dreamed up by The Londonist. They recently asked people on Twitter to come up with suggestions of how they would rename stations if they had the chance. You’ll spot a lot of method in the madness as Stratford becomes Olympic Park and Westminster becomes Parliament Square.

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Langstead: The Story So Far

Those of you following me on Twitter will have no doubt noticed a few dramatic¬†developments on my layout of late. Whilst these will be worthy of their own posts as they advance,¬†I thought now would be a good time to take stock of my layout thus far and see how it’s progressed over the 2 years I have been working on it.

August 2012 marked my return to the hobby I took up in my teens after I rediscovered my old models on a visit to my parents loft. At the time I lived in a shared flat, meaning I couldn’t have anything too permanent, however a plan started to develop

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