Side Tracked: 24 Hour Underground

Well according to this article on the TfL website, it seems that parts of the London Underground will have a 24 hour service starting sometime in 2015.

To start with only certain lines and destinations will be served 24 hours a day. Mainly focusing in and around access to Central London but also including Canary Wharf, Camden and Heathrow. TfL say other 24 hour services would be added in due course.

Whilst many would argue this is a long time coming, I’m not so sure. Most people seem to forget that London isn’t New York and in actually fact things do shut up shop at night. Will it really improve economic opportunities for the capital when we already have a pretty extensive and efficient Night Bus service? If the tube is open 24 hours a day when will maintenance take place? Most likely more frequently on Sunday’s. After all The Underground doesn’t have the luxury of Express Lines doubling up many of it’s route miles like it’s counterpart in New York does. And What impact will increased traffic have on suburban neighbourhoods?

I spoke to some family members who work for LUL and they are hearing about this plans for the first time through the media. It seems TfL haven’t even consulted their own staff about this proposal. This also comes with a separate announcement that TfL wish to close all ticket offices on the network and axe 750 jobs.¬†Expect a backlash from the unions!

Read the full announcement here.

And also view the story in more detail from the BBC.

One thought on “Side Tracked: 24 Hour Underground

  1. […] Last time I briefly mentioned TfL’s announcement to close all ticket offices on The Tube. Well this blog from ‘Diamond Geezer’ goes into more detail about how station staffing across the network will look come 2015. A colour coded map will help you visualise just how this will play out. Also included in this post are a few TfL FAQ’s regarding both the ticket office closures and the proposed ‘Night Tube.’ […]


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