CAS Weekly: 02/01/15

Image by Joel Goodman (Manchester Evening News)

UK Rail

World Rail

Image by Oxyman

Side Tracked: The Mist Beneath The Smoke

The London Underground carries over a billion passengers each year, but what happens after the commuters depart, the escalators are shut down and only a handful of staff are left to patrol the desolate stations?

Find out this Halloween weekend as John Mabey tells the story of real life accounts of unexplained phenomena on the worlds oldest underground railway in: The Mist Beneath The Smoke.

Friday October 31st and Saturday November 1st @ The Reading Rooms, Great Baddow, Chelmsford.

Side Tracked: Off The Map (Part1)

Much is being added to London’s Tube map at the moment. Recently we saw the addition of The Overground Network, in it’s distinctive ex-East London Line Orange, sprawling over the capital like a spider web. In the not to distant future we shall see The Overground’s continued expansion as Suburban routes, such as the Liverpool Street – Chingford Line, start to fall under TfL’s control. Further on still, and many graphic artists and TfL alike are currently beginning to speculate how Crossrail might appear on Harry Beck’s famous map.

So, The Tube Map – always adding, never shrinking?

Perhaps not… Continue reading