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UK Rail

  • As Virgin take over running of the East Coast Mainline from a public operator, the BBC asks could or should we renationalise the railways?
  • London Bridge chaos returns as commuters have to jump the ticket barriers to escape a crush…
  • …and not to feel left out Oxford Circus has a go too.
  • The not so secret Diary of a TfL apprentice.
  • Speaking of TfL, they are planning to develop the site around Southwark tube station.
  • …and Diamond Geezer asks is this best or worst tube station entrance on the network?
  • Going to a part of London you’re unfamiliar with but need to find nearby pubs and restaurants? TubeNav might be your answer. Could have used this the other night when I was looking for a curry house in Islington…
  • Want to see Manchester Victoria’s metrolink station rebuilt in 60 seconds? Of course you do.

Bachmann 2015 Range

Yesterday Bachmann announced it’s UK 2015 range. Graham Hubbard, Managing Director of Bachmann Europe Plc, had this to say:

“as a company we continue to meet new challenges. Our parent company, Kader Industries, has faced a major reorganisation which involved transferring plant and production from a former factory into the main Kader complex. Faced with continuing price rises across the board, we have taken some difficult decisions but will continue to produce top quality products to meet the increasing demands of railway modellers”

You’ll notice the list bellow is a fairly modest one. Bachmann have admitted and acknowledged that they needed to focus on consolidating all it’s previously proposed releases – Some of which we are still waiting to see working prototypes of – The OO Class 90, proposed last year for example.

Nevertheless there are some nice additions to the range which will no doubt get modelers excited. Under the Graham Farish N Gauge brand, Bachmann have added a Class 20 twin pack in Hunslet Weed Killer livery. They’ve also released the accompanying adapted MK1’s and TTA tankers (sold separately) to complete the full formation.


Image by Bachmann

Bachmann have also announced a special edition version of it’s ever popular Midland Pullman train. The set will also feature a pack of stewards and train crew figures, reproduction menu card and a first edition copy of the latest Blue Pullman book by Kevin Robertson. All marvelously presented in one of Bachmanns new artwork-print boxes. If it’s anything like the special edition Railway Children pack recently reviewed on IC82’s YouTube channel this will certainly be a sought after and impressive set.

Other highlights of the announcement include Ransomes & Rapier Steam Cranes, DCC J32s, a Freightliner Class 70 and a SouthWest Trains Class 350 Desiro. Damn and blast! Why won’t they do a First TransPennine version?! 

For the definitive list of announcements (including the Scenecraft range) I thoroughly recommend a visit to this RMWeb post. It also features a full list of re-releases of existing items and details of where in the development process Bachmann are with their previous 2014 announcements!

Cover Image from Bachmann.

CAS Weekly: 12/12/14

It’s my intention to start curating a weekly wrap of interesting railway based news (of a both real and modelling persuasion). So here’s this weeks interesting stories:


UK Rail

Initial Thoughts – location and scale

Loco Yard on the opportunity to start from scratch…

Loco Yard

Locoyard Southern Railway 00 scale models - 850 Lord Nelson, W11 Newport, 736 Excalibur & 925 CheltenhamWhen everything in your model collection is packed up and boxed and you are in a new home, you are given a rare opportunity to rethink everything.  And in my case, a lot has changed, not just in terms of the new home, but also plans for the future.  Previously I had a small section of a spare room to use for the locoyard model railway, but that’s no longer the case.  The new layout will be located in one of three places, the first being the attic/loft.  However, head space is too tight for this to be a viable model railway location.  The second choice would be a shed, but at present there is no shed!  Option three is the most feasible – to use the garage.  This isn’t without it’s challenges.  One challenge will be improving its security, another checking the electrics are ok.  The garage will not…

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Langstead – Episode 23: Brace Yourself…

Today I drastically changed my layout. Not in a way that has changed the track plan nor altered the scenery as I have done in the past… No, today I joined my two base boards together.

Why is this such a drastic change? – I hear you cry. And for those just joining this story (and hello, by the way) you might be wondering why my layout was in two halves and wasn’t joined together already?

Original design concept showing how the track would be laid across two boards.

Original design concept showing how the track would be laid across two boards.

Well all the way back at the beginning I implemented this design for two main reasons: Continue reading