CAS Weekly 09/03/12



Shameless Self Promotion

UK Rail

  • As Virgin take over running of the East Coast Mainline from a public operator, the BBC asks could or should we renationalise the railways?
  • London Bridge chaos returns as commuters have to jump the ticket barriers to escape a crush…
  • …and not to feel left out Oxford Circus has a go too.
  • The not so secret Diary of a TfL apprentice.
  • Speaking of TfL, they are planning to develop the site around Southwark tube station.
  • …and Diamond Geezer asks is this best or worst tube station entrance on the network?
  • Going to a part of London you’re unfamiliar with but need to find nearby pubs and restaurants? TubeNav might be your answer. Could have used this the other night when I was looking for a curry house in Islington…
  • Want to see Manchester Victoria’s metrolink station rebuilt in 60 seconds? Of course you do.


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