CAS Weekly 09/03/12



Shameless Self Promotion

UK Rail

  • As Virgin take over running of the East Coast Mainline from a public operator, the BBC asks could or should we renationalise the railways?
  • London Bridge chaos returns as commuters have to jump the ticket barriers to escape a crush…
  • …and not to feel left out Oxford Circus has a go too.
  • The not so secret Diary of a TfL apprentice.
  • Speaking of TfL, they are planning to develop the site around Southwark tube station.
  • …and Diamond Geezer asks is this best or worst tube station entrance on the network?
  • Going to a part of London you’re unfamiliar with but need to find nearby pubs and restaurants? TubeNav might be your answer. Could have used this the other night when I was looking for a curry house in Islington…
  • Want to see Manchester Victoria’s metrolink station rebuilt in 60 seconds? Of course you do.

Review: Hornby Class 50

Every modeller no doubt has a ‘wish list’ of locos he or she wants to buy. Usually they are very long wish lists and of course I am no different. Every model I have reviewed thus far had previously featured on my list of desirables. Today, however, something different… Something of which I’m sure every other modeller has done too… The Impulse Purchase!


Let’s see if it’s any good…

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