#NightTube Coming To Northern Line

Sadiq Khan earlier announced that Night Tube services on the Northern Line would commence on 18th November.

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This of course comes on the day the Jubilee Line starts running 24 hours services on Friday and Saturdays.

So the big questions:
When is a Northern Line service a Night Tube?
Will there be a couple of fresh pocket maps I wonder?
Will there be any other unusual service patterns like the Secret Night Tube to Epping?
Will it be exactly the same as when I took a trip on the new services last month?


100 Journeys: No 18

This week took me to a part of the network I don’t normally frequent and to a station I’ve never alighted at before: Warwick Avenue.

I don’t find myself on the Bakerloo Line often, but I’m very fond of it. If this project was about sounds then those of the Bakerloo would feature heavily in my list of favourites. The uneven clatter of the doors slamming together, the tuneful hum of the air compressors and the distinctive drone of the Metro-Cammell motors. It’s like traveling back in time.

The Bakerloo Line is the old gent of the Underground. It was there at the birth of The Tube in the early part of the 20th Century pioneering subterranean travel. It was an elegant Victorian transport solution and had stylish stations designed by legendary architect Leslie Green. It became a surban icon as it shared in the prosperous Metroland idyll with branches to Watford and Stanmore. It survived a Blitz. The Bakerloo Line has been through some stuff and it could tell you so many stories.

As time went on the Bakerloo Line grew old. It’s cousins on the Central and Northern kept up with the times evolving new technology and new trains. The Piccadilly got an extension to the airport to greet all of London’s guests whilst the Bakerloo had to give up one of it’s branches to the flashy new kid on the block. It’s stations got tattier (Warwick Ave Below), it’s responsibility shrunk, it’s signals aged and it’s dream of reaching Camberwell was abandoned. With most of it’s route superseded or duplicated by newer or more express lines, and without the unenviable task of having to run out to two suburban outposts, it’s hard to tell what the Bakerloo Line is really for anymore… But that’s never stopped the old chap. A reprieve is a long way off as new trains and signalling is not due until 2030. So until then the Bakerloo will keep soldiering on every day like it’s 1932.

You might get to your destination quicker on the Jubilee Line, or in more comfort on the Overground, but once in a while take The Bakerloo… It’ll tell you some stories…

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100 Journeys: No 11 (Moquette-Gate!)

Last week saw Londonist’s Geoff Marshall explain all 4 London landmarks in the Central/Northern and Jubilee Line moquette seat covers. (And Even though I always wrongly thought the 4th landmark was Canary Wharf, it was a great video).

Then, in what can only be described as Moquette-Gate”, Timeout London, The Evening Standard and ITV London all shamelessly stole the story, with only Timeout later adding in a credit to the original.

Geoff then took to twitter to ask his follows to come up with plausible yet completely false tube facts that would bait the aforementioned media piggy-backers. Some of the replies are truly inspired. You can read the full range of responses by following the link to the tweet above, but Geoff went on to summarise the best ‘facts’ on The Londonist, my personal favourite being from one Thomas Preece

…because sometimes, you know, even I question it’s existence…

Who knew a seat could cause so much controversy!

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