6 thoughts on “Calling All Stations Does #NightTube

  1. I was surprised at how quiet it was! Still on the opening night maybe that was to be expected.
    We were told it ran fairly smoothly,—-still, early days yet! Night tube drivers are known as TO23 grade where full time drivers are TO21 They ran a ghost service the weekend prior, to give the t/ops a taster of what it would/could be like and had managers setting up little problems for them through the night. One driver had a P.E.A at Mile End and they opened a can of veggie soup all over the car to represent you know what! He got the cleaners on board only to move off with them still on the train, [they were supposed to be working on the station] they had to pull him down again! Apparently this driver was none to happy with the operating officials.[What did he expect!]

    I was told, two have jacked the job in already, what a waste of time and money to train these people and to throw away good money for two nights work. They will never get back on the job again that’s for sure. They only have to do 18 months of nights then will be given the opportunity to go full time. It will be a rolling program. Good vid. Never seen Leyton quite like that!


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