CAS Weekly 09/05/15

Crossrail @ Canary Wharf: Image by Salimfadhley


  • Hornby release a running sample of their upcoming King George V 6000 Class.
  • IC82 reviews the Plasser Tamper by Bachmann.
  • …speaking of which… new products are coming!…

UK Rail

International Rail

Cover Image by Steve Morgan
Compiled by Edward Kendal & Andy Carter

CAS Weekly 20/02/15

Image by Phil Sangwell


  • IC82 is back this Sunday with a new YouTube series.

UK Rail

  • GBRf are enlisted by Serco to haul the Caledonian sleeper for the next 15 years. They’ll be using a mixture of Class 90’s, 47’s and refurbished 73’s during their stint.
  • The East Anglia franchise, currently operated by Abellio, is out for tender.
  • A recent survey highlights the continuing decline of rail customer satisfaction…
  • …And surprise surprise, the rise of Social Media as a tool for passengers to voice this dissatisfaction.
  • But what we really want to know is, which train operator has the best ticket punches?
  • And which train operator went all gooey for Valentines Day?
  • …in a time where critics are calling for the return of nationalisations, the BBC’s Timeshift will take a look at the golden age of BR next Thursday.
  • Speaking of which, The Beauty of Transport is doing a series on British Rail’s corporate identity.
  • London Underground’s D-Stock trains could find a new life for themselves in Manchester.
  • Whilst back home The Victoria Line will be part closed for a month.
  • Danny Dyer has a go at tube announcements. Warning: It’s dreadful.
  • The London Transport Museum will host Londonist’s Matt Brown, who will be talking about Tube Secrets at the Hidden London Treasures Exhibition in April.
  • This article surfaced on Twitter this week, showcasing this rather quirky Brighton curiosity: The first every Electric Railway in Britain.

World Rail

CAS Weekly 16/01/15

Are Battery Powered 379’s the future? Image by Mme1234


UK Rail

  • Bored of hearing about 2 weeks of mild delays at London Bridge? How about the train out of Victoria that’s NEVER been on-time!
  • London Underground are getting a new power station
  • …whilst the DLR might get a new bridge.
  • A look at the new Tottenham Court Road ticket hall and station entrance…
  • …and an artist impression of what’s to come at Canary Wharf Crossrail.
  • And lastly in London, it was recently ‘No Pants Day‘ on the Tube. All I can say is thankfully I wasn’t working on Monday.
  • We’ve got battery powered cars so how about a battery powered Class 379?
  • The BBC take a look at some of England’s best lost stations. Where was Broad Street? And Manchester Exchange? And Halifax North Bridge. I might be here a while
  • From lost buildings to restored rolling stock. More on the coach that carried Winston Churchill to his final resting place.

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