Exploration: The Fallowfield Loop (A Christmas Adventure)

This Christmas (2014) I was visiting family in South Manchester. Whilst plotting my route for the drive from London I discovered on the map a long strip of empty land near their house that looked suspiciously like an old railway bed…

The Fallowfield Loop formerly provided access to Manchester Central Station from the Hope Valley Line to the east and Sheffield via a 10 mile sweeping detour of the city centre. The line is now an answer to London’s Northern Heights and is a footpath and cycle parkway which even has it’s own website and organisation.

Well of course I had to check it out… My time in Manchester was limited, so fresh from opening presents (most of which were train related of course), we stepped out for a crisp Christmas Day stroll. This was in no way a ruse to check out The Fallowfield Loop…

Full Loop

As it was Christmas Day I felt it was perhaps mean to subject Leah to the full 10 miles, so we just explored a short section in Levenshulme. It’s my intention to one day return to do the full loop so I will save the full history lesson until then, but for now – click on a photo to find out more:

At some point I shall return to complete the other 9 or so miles and visit the other 3 stations on the line. Until then, if you want to check out the loop yourself, here’s the full route:

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