Changes Announced To Solve London Bridge

How to solve a problem like London Bridge: Who’s to blame? What’s Being Done? Will it fix it?


Not long now until the first changes to rail services begin on Monday, and some last minute changes are still being announced. TfL have just announced 30 extra buses to help from Monday:

  • Ten additional double deck buses on Route 21 between London Bridge to Lewisham via New Cross during the evening peak
  • Ten additional buses on Route 47 between London Bridge (Duke Street Hill) and Lewisham via Bermondsey
  • Ten additional Route 381 buses acting as a shuttle between London Bridge and Waterloo stations during the morning and evening peaks

This is in addition to an announcement in December of extra shuttle buses between Charlton station and north Greenwich, with buses starting from Charlton station at 7.50am, 8.00am, 8.10am, 8.20am, 8.30am and 8.40am. Extra buses on route 129 to Greenwich town centre were also announced and begun last week.

London bus

Much good for SE passengers?

It’s hard to see just how useful the latest…

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