London Bridge Was Falling Down (Again)

Here’s a short film from the last time London Bridge Station was remodelled. I wonder if the delays suffered are as bad as the ones today?

Inside Croydon

commuters London BridgeCommuters who travel to work via London Bridge, who have had to endure chaos on their daily journeys over the past week or more – and all in return for higher fares – may be interested to view a public information film from 1975, the previous occasion that the railway lines into London’s oldest terminus had to be reconfigured and the station re-built.

Yes. Just 40 years ago.

We are indebted to another hyperlocal blog, 853, for unearthing this gem of its time, as they lament the ending of the direct train service from Greenwich to London Bridge, the very journey for which the original station was built in 1836.

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