034/270: #DollisHill – The Dolls

Station 34. We’ve seen Green. We’ve seen Holden. We’ve seen unexpected architecture, both good and bad. We’ve seen mosaic cats and black horses and we’ve seen cathedrals and flying saucers.

It’s fair to say we’ve seen a lot. But nothing will prepare you for what we saw at Dollis Hill.

Dollis Hill’s surface existence is fairly apologetic. It’s more of an alleyway between two residential streets than a station entrance. The area is a bit grubby, but hey, we’re opening our eyes to all that London has to offer, warts and all. (Although this is definitely on the wart side of the spectrum). Cast your eyes on the house on the right and what lies in the windows…

There’s a hell of a lot going on in this image, not just the EXCEPTIONALLY CREEPY DOLLS but the “Beware of the Cat” sign, the graffiti, the driveway full of rubbish, the decaying house and the opened box of matches on the wall. One has to assume the owner of this house has a crooked sense of humor, is mad, or both.

They say a picture can paint a thousand words. This one paints a thousand questions.

Image copyright A Carter – CallingAllStations.co.uk

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