056/270: #CanaryWharf – The Death Star

Asking me to name my definitive favourite station is something I find difficult, if not impossible, to answer. There’s far too much to choose from, and setting one above the rest is very tough. What I can tell you however is that Canary Wharf will always be in my Top 5.

This gargantuan Temple of Transport is the redeeming centre piece of the Jubilee Line Extension. Sitting in the site of a former dock, the station would comfortably accommodate One Canada Square (that’s the building most commonly associated with The Wharf) in its footprint. The architecture of the station is fitting of both the Isle Of Dogs’ past and it’s present. The industrial concrete and metal walls are complemented by the space-age curving roof, glass and lighting.

I was once lucky enough to call Canary Wharf my ‘local’ and using it was always such a joy. Entering the station is done so via the vertigo-inducing escalators, descending into the vast cavernous ticket hall underneath an equally large glass dome. Shopping malls flank the sides of the concourse as a series of concrete columns hold up the garden above. Everywhere you look, up, down, forward, side-to-side, there is space.

It’s no wonder that this station occasionally moonlights as The Death Star.

That’s right, so massive and so brutally industrial is Canary Wharf that it was used as a set for the latest Star Wars film. I waited a while to see if any storm troopers got off the trains from Stratford. Allas, jumped up city-types from Essex were the only clientele of the day…

Image copyright A Carter – CallingAllStations.co.uk

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