025/270: #HeathrowTerminal5 – The Numbers and Dingbats

Terminal 5 is a different beast again. Another product of 21st century design, but this time done properly with big caverns of glass and metal. It’s unlike East Hounslow (019) that’s for sure.

One of the few tube stations where trains arrive on one platform and then depart from another (via a reversing siding). This means Platform 5 has no regular passenger departures. I can recall this practice occurring at Amersham as well, but I might be wrong?

This station doesn’t really feel like a tube station, everything is a little bit wrong. There’s no blue back-lit station name plate at the entrance (that I could find), there are signs announcing that it’s in “Zone 6” plastered all over the gateline, some of the wayfinders are of airport terminal standard and not TfL… it’s all just wrong.

What’s certain is that Terminal 5, along with the other terminal stations, are the only three on the network to feature numbers. The roundels also feature a neat aeroplane dingbat, purposefully designed in the New Johnston font format.

Image copyright A Carter – CallingAllStations.co.uk

3 thoughts on “025/270: #HeathrowTerminal5 – The Numbers and Dingbats

  1. […] We all recognise the roundel as the calling card of the network, but I think the station name plates themselves are just as recognisable. These present the name of the station in bold white capital letters on a blue background. They are more often than not found on the front of protruding canopies at the entrances to ticket halls. Even Leslie Green stations were at some point retro fitted with variations of white lettering on a blue background and this piece of design can be found at nearly every station. (With the only exception so far being Terminal 5 (025)). […]

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