064/270: #StamfordBrook – The Blue Signs

In the last post at Turnham Green (063) we looked at oddities and how, in a way, each station presents its own uniqueness to the journey. But there are some very pleasing ‘uniformities’ to be noted (and enjoyed) about Underground Station designs as well.

We all recognise the roundel as the calling card of the network, but I think the station name plates themselves are just as recognisable. These present the name of the station in bold white capital letters on a blue background. They are more often than not found on the front of protruding canopies at the entrances to ticket halls. Even Leslie Green stations were at some point retro fitted with variations of white lettering on a blue background and this piece of design can be found at nearly every station. (With the only exception so far being Terminal 5 (025)).

Sometimes in the absence of entrance canopies, designers of these blue signs have got creative. Check out the vertical examples which sit fitted to the gateposts flanking the secondary entrance of Stamford Brook. Granted I’m going to continue to be awkward and post the picture in black and white, but trust me, you instantly know what this curious passageway is all about just by the colour of that sign…

Image copyright A Carter – CallingAllStations.co.uk

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