063/270: #TurnhamGreen – The Meta

So far we have discovered that there are many oddities on the Underground network. It does rather begs the question – How many oddities does it take for the oddities to no longer be oddities? I know right? Meta.

Turnham Green is another station with an oddity. It gets its regular service from the District Line, but early in the morning and late at night it is also served by the Piccadilly Line as well. This regular irregularity is unique to Turnham Green. Double Meta.

In a few years time, when the Piccadilly Line is re-signalled and receives new stock, TfL plan to introduce a full time service here. Turnham Green’s Meta will be De-Meta’d. Which is Triple Meta.

Did you keep up?

Image copyright A Carter – CallingAllStations.co.uk

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