Langstead – Episode 22: Station Upgrades

OK, it’s been a little while and it’s time for an update. As always, here’s a reminder of how things looked last time...


Well, sort of last time, this picture was taken before I added the 2nd bay platform to the station under the bridge (Langstead Junction) seen here top left bellow the speaker. Unfortunately I forgot to take a picture after this was done, and before I’ve done some more work. But anyway, you get the jist… Continue reading

Side Tracked: Hump Shunting At Tinsley

Some classic British Government footage of Tinsley Marshalling Yard in the 1960’s – at the time one of the most advanced in the world. Almost tragic that it’s use was so short lived.


Curiously models of hump yards, or rather British Image hump yards, seem to be few and far between. This is strange in a way as they would be relatively simple to build, giving a huge amount of operational interest for both modeller and onlooker as well as removing the need to rearrange wagons by hand in a fiddle yard.

I have however found one notable example, Hazlebury Yard from Blyth & Tyne Model Railway Society, seen in the clip bellow.


Video by o0poindexter0o

Langstead – Episode 21: New Station Open

Last time I was working on hiding the rear of the layout underneath a new raised town scene…


Since then I’ve tidied up the corners so it’s not so square and added a retaining wall and ‘tunnel’ mouth. (above). I’ve not laid any new roadways, paving or grass scenics yet as I’m going to wait until I get a few more buildings to plan it all out. In the meantime I’ve added a townscape back-scene – you can pick these up very cheap and they add plenty more depth to your layout. Continue reading

Langstead – Episode 20: Up (& Other Updates)

It’s been a while, but here’s what I have been doing on The Main Line this year…

You’ll remember in Episode 18, that it had always bothered me that I had kept the entire layout open and visible- making it that bit less realistic. In fact I said just this:

“If I was going to start again from scratch I’d hide half the layout behind some scenery, a wall or hill perhaps. Trains would disappear behind such a wall and reappear elsewhere which would look visually more realistic than being able to see the full oval. This after all is how many modellers design their layouts. Continue reading

Langstead – Episode 19: Scenic Cheating

Last time you caught me in the middle of upgrading the scenery and rearranging the layout’s buildings and town plan. Coupled with the addition of a new road bridge, this brought depth and a better focus to the layout.

As scenery development continues, I still have one problem left to deal with…


The act of adding a new outer oval of track has truncated my original level crossing (seen bottom right in the above image). This is further hampered by the height difference of the two baseboards. Whilst it’s still possible to model the completion of the level crossing over the outer oval it’s going to prove tricky to get it to look right. I thought long and hard about how to do this.. modelling plastics maybe, carefully shaping some strip wood perhaps.. but no stand out ideas emerged. Continue reading