100 Journeys: No 6

It’s foggy, haven’t you noticed?

Naturally I’m not one to shy away from the bandwagon so here’s my moody fog related picture.

I do love this time of year. The weather is so much more dramatic than the summer. Fog, rain, snow, wind – they seem to bring London alive. Whereas heat just makes it smell bad.

These days a good portion of the Underground network features (or is being converted to) a form of automated in-cab signalling. This removes or at least reduces the number of conventional ground located colour-light signals needed. Information of line speed and availability is instead fed to the driver inside the train. Whether or not the train is being driven manually or by the automated system, it means the driver can virtually ‘see’ further than they otherwise would have in these poor weather conditions. It ultimately makes the system safer and more reliable.

Whilst commutes up and down the country are being badly affected by the weather, this part of The Underground is working well.

For once…

Moody South Woodford

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