001/270: #SouthWoodford – Home

The commute is on. It’s the 6th of Jan and I’m yet to breach an Oystercard reader! It’s time to change all that…

This year I’m embarking on The Tube Map Challenge and will go and visit all 270 stations.

BUT WAIT… You’ve been to all 270 tube stations in one sitting?”…

…and you’re quite right I have been to all 270 tube stations (in just under 19 hours if you want to know…), but this is slightly different…

During #WalkTheTube a visit counted as stopping at the station by train. The Tube Map Challenge will mean actually getting off and exiting the station. (Or entering – basically as long as you’ve crossed a gateline). Naturally this is going to take much longer than 19 hours.

So where does it all begin? Like most good journeys it begins at home, South Woodford. And it’s time to go to work.

Fun fact: look out for the engraved ghost sign above the Westbound Platform!

If you want to learn more about The Tube Map Challenge head over to Geoff Marshall’s YouTube channel and watch this:

Image copyright A Carter – CallingAllStations.co.uk

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