100 Journeys: No 5

This isn’t a train.

I only made it to Journey 5 and 3 Days into this experiment before there was problems on the Central Line.

The W12 to Walthamstow is a scrappy service at best, and one definitely not designed for crowds of displaced tube travellers. The poor thing is only a hopper after all, which is more than ample to ferry the biddies to and from Whipps Cross Hospital on any normal day.

I got lucky this time. I have a choice of two bus stops, George Lane and Bedford Road. George Lane is closer but it means I have to back track on my journey – once I’m on the bus I travel back in the direction I’ve just walked – and this plays havock with my OCD. I’d rather walk in the direction I’m ultimately traveling and go to Bedford Road but on this occasion the bus was only 2 minutes away so I bit the bullet and went to George Lane. Good job I did, I was the last person to get on the bus before it started to miss out stops due to it being full up with Central Line passengers.

The next bus is in 20 minutes. The people at Bedford Road didn’t look happy as we sped past…

But wait… If I’d have let my OCD get the better of me and walked to Bedford Road instead, the bus then wouldn’t have been full. Which means it would have stopped. Would the driver have still skipped it or tried to fit in me plus the 3 others? We could have all shuffled down a bit.. Maybe he would have only let 1 on but that may have started a riot. Did I screw over the folk at Bedford Road or save them from argument?

It doesn’t matter. I’m still late.


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