CAS Weekly: 12/12/14

It’s my intention to start curating a weekly wrap of interesting railway based news (of a both real and modelling persuasion). So here’s this weeks interesting stories:


UK Rail

Langstead Makes The Tube Map!

Thanks to a Twitter suggestion from yours truly, my fictional town of Langstead is now on The Tube Map!

Not the real one of course but an Alternative version dreamed up by The Londonist. They recently asked people on Twitter to come up with suggestions of how they would rename stations if they had the chance. You’ll spot a lot of method in the madness as Stratford becomes Olympic Park and Westminster becomes Parliament Square.

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Side Tracked: FA Football Map Mash Up Gone Wrong

There are no shortage of alternative, possibly humorous, tube maps. Last time I looked at this offering from James Wannerton – a man who suffers from synaesthesia and has thus mapped out what all the tube station names taste like.

FA 150th anniversary map

Well the FA has come up with this (above) version to celebrate both it’s birthday and The Tube’s – both of which are 150 years old this year. Continue reading

Side Tracked: Spotted – Mapping Error

The following picture was recently sent to me. It appears that the Northern Line platforms at Bank/Monument tired of being closed for engineering works, have mutinied and joined the District and Circle.

Where's The Northern Line?

Where’s The Northern Line Gone?
Image by Rosie MacLeod

This did get me thinking, I wonder how many of us have passed this error without noticing, and how long it has been there? I for one certainly navigate the lines by colour rather than by name. For all I’d know a sign could read
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