Side Tracked: FA Football Map Mash Up Gone Wrong

There are no shortage of alternative, possibly humorous, tube maps. Last time I looked at this offering from James Wannerton – a man who suffers from synaesthesia and has thus mapped out what all the tube station names taste like.

FA 150th anniversary map

Well the FA has come up with this (above) version to celebrate both it’s birthday and The Tube’s – both of which are 150 years old this year.

Lines have been co-ordinated such that, for example, all the players on The Central Line are Goal Scorers and those on the Northern Line are Goal Keepers. This is a great little idea from the FA to promote two anniversaries in one sitting – but sadly it has been fairly badly executed.

Take Stratford for example. Cristiano Ronaldo. He’s on the Central Line which makes him a Goalscorer. Check He’s on the Jubilee Line which makes him an FA Cup Hero. Check (Subject to Hero Opinion Status). He’s on the Overground which makes him an Overseas Player. Check. So far so good, all the interchanges have seemingly been thought out very well…

Except he’s also on the DLR. Pre-War Players……

Erm OK? So maybe there was a goalscoring FA Cup heroing Cristiano Ronaldo before 1939… but if we look at Michael Owen (Oxford Circus) it’s even clearer that not every interchange has been fully thought through.

Michael again appears on the Central Line. So he’s a Goalscorer. Check. He’s on the Victoria Line so he’s a Female Player. Erm… He’s on the Bakerloo Line so he’s a Fullback. No.

This is a bit of a shame because one of the most famous Map Mash Ups, Music On The Tube (bellow) incorporates interchanging bands perfectly. Jamiroquai (Barbican) is on the Circle (Pop), Metropolitan (Jazz) and Hammersmith & City (Dance & Electronica). Now I suppose it’s subject to opinion, but, I can certainly buy into JK being a blend of Pop, Jazz and Dance.

Where as Michael Owen isn’t a Fullback. Nor is he a woman.

Music on the Tube

Music on the Tube

– Andy Carter


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