Side Tracked: Spotted – Mapping Error

The following picture was recently sent to me. It appears that the Northern Line platforms at Bank/Monument tired of being closed for engineering works, have mutinied and joined the District and Circle.

Where's The Northern Line?

Where’s The Northern Line Gone?
Image by Rosie MacLeod

This did get me thinking, I wonder how many of us have passed this error without noticing, and how long it has been there? I for one certainly navigate the lines by colour rather than by name. For all I’d know a sign could read
“Ten Thousand Pounds, A Bacon Sandwich and Some Fluffy Kittens ->” …
But if it didn’t have that familiar Red for the Central Line to take me home I wouldn’t bat an eyelid!

Big Thanks to Jimmy Luff for sharing this with me.
Image by Rosie MacLeod.

For some rather more deliberate mapping errors that you might have missed it’s worth visiting Stickers On The Central Line’s Facebook page.


by Stickers On The Central Line

In the meantime if you’ve spotted any unusual mapping errors, deliberate or otherwise, get in touch!

– Andy Carter


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