061/270: #Bank – The Gap

From my last station Moorgate (060) to Bank, this part of the journey seems to be all about memories. It was some time around 1994 when the Central Line’s ’92 stock started to appear in service. They had exciting “perch” seats at the ends of each car and I’d not seen anything like it before. I’d be hoisted up onto them at Epping where I’d sit, eagerly awaiting the stretch between Liverpool Street and Bank when I could turn around and look back down the length of the train as it twisted its way round the right curves under Threadneadle Street. I remember being told the violent kinks in the line were built to avoid running into the vaults of the Bank of England itself. This I found enormously exciting.

Excitement would continue if we’d be alighting, where I’d have to jump the gap created between the train and the severe curvature of the platform – which was absolutely astronomical in the eyes of a 6 year old.

Today I have a very mixed relationship with Bank. I still hold onto that exciting memory 20+ years later. I’ll still occasionally glance through the train on the run back to Liverpool Street to watch it meander its way out of the city… But I will always do my upmost best to avoid actually using Bank. To interchange here is a nightmare. All the lines (DLR included) were constructed at different times, in different spaces, under different management. As a result they have never been properly bolted together with any sense of cohesion. It’s cramped, confusing and illogical. To exit here is even worse.

And don’t get me started on Monument.

Image copyright A Carter – CallingAllStations.co.uk

Side Tracked: Spotted – Mapping Error

The following picture was recently sent to me. It appears that the Northern Line platforms at Bank/Monument tired of being closed for engineering works, have mutinied and joined the District and Circle.

Where's The Northern Line?

Where’s The Northern Line Gone?
Image by Rosie MacLeod

This did get me thinking, I wonder how many of us have passed this error without noticing, and how long it has been there? I for one certainly navigate the lines by colour rather than by name. For all I’d know a sign could read
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