Langstead – Episode 22: Station Upgrades

OK, it’s been a little while and it’s time for an update. As always, here’s a reminder of how things looked last time...


Well, sort of last time, this picture was taken before I added the 2nd bay platform to the station under the bridge (Langstead Junction) seen here top left bellow the speaker. Unfortunately I forgot to take a picture after this was done, and before I’ve done some more work. But anyway, you get the jist… Continue reading

Langstead – Episode 21: New Station Open

Last time I was working on hiding the rear of the layout underneath a new raised town scene…


Since then I’ve tidied up the corners so it’s not so square and added a retaining wall and ‘tunnel’ mouth. (above). I’ve not laid any new roadways, paving or grass scenics yet as I’m going to wait until I get a few more buildings to plan it all out. In the meantime I’ve added a townscape back-scene – you can pick these up very cheap and they add plenty more depth to your layout. Continue reading

Langstead – Episode 20: Up (& Other Updates)

It’s been a while, but here’s what I have been doing on The Main Line this year…

You’ll remember in Episode 18, that it had always bothered me that I had kept the entire layout open and visible- making it that bit less realistic. In fact I said just this:

“If I was going to start again from scratch I’d hide half the layout behind some scenery, a wall or hill perhaps. Trains would disappear behind such a wall and reappear elsewhere which would look visually more realistic than being able to see the full oval. This after all is how many modellers design their layouts. Continue reading