023/270: #HeathrowTerminal4 – The Freebie

It’s free to travel between the Heathrow Terminals and Hatton Cross (022) so the next few stations are on TfL. The stations in these parts are full of rarities and oddities. Terminal 4‘s quirks are it’s only one of four stations with only a single platform (the others being Mill Hill East, Olympia and Chesham) and of these four it is the only one to be uni-directional. It’s also the only station, that I can think of, that is only accessible through another building – with it’s only exit leading straight into the terminal. Of course you could be pedantic and argue that both Terminal 1,2,3 (024) and Terminal 5 (025) stations also act in this way, but the former definitely has a street level exit to a bus station, and the later is part of the general station complex of the terminal with it’s own street level exit. Either way, it’s pretty rare.

I expect not many people stop to appreciate the airport stations as I expect their minds are fully focused on not losing any small children, and remembering in which of the 6000 suitcase pockets the passport is located. This is a shame as the octagonal ticket hall is rather pleasant, almost as if it too were mimicking Holden design just like South Ealing (015) at the start of this trip. There’s also an art exhibition in there if you’re passing through (also free)…

Image copyright A Carter – CallingAllStations.co.uk