015/270: #SouthEaling – The Corner Shop

It’s time to get back on the trail and head out to collect some more stations. Today i’ve decided on the Heathrow branch. I’ve always been fairly indifferent to this part of the network, and as I stated last time and in my video update, I’m not particularly fond of the Piccadilly Line and this is one of the reasons why. The Heathrow branch is unusual in that it is always busy even to it’s outer extremity. It’s not helped that the cramped space of the 73 stock are always jam packed with suitcases who’s owners aren’t always averse to the cultures and expectations of the average Londoner tube user.

I acknowledge this line and it’s branch are a means to an end – it’s an irreplaceable artery of the capital after all. I even know there are going to be some interesting stations with plenty of quirks and anomalies on this trip, but I’m secretly pleased I’m getting this out of the way early.

Anyway, we start at South Ealing which is the quiet before the storm. We’re back deep in the heart of Holden territory, but already something is off. South Ealing may well have been destined for a Holden facade like it’s neighbours at Acton Town and Northfields (016) but the onset of World War II put a stop to all of that. It hobbled along with a pre-war temporary structure all the way until 1988 when the present ticket hall was built. Now they could have constructed something bland, as was the way with late 80’s architecture, but I’m pleased to say they made the effort of attaching a mini-Holden style tower to the side of the ticket hall (and we’ll see more of this later). I also like how this little station blends into the parade of local shops.

Image copyright A Carter – CallingAllStations.co.uk

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