017/270: #BostonManor – The Skyscraper

Though I might have a particular downer on the Piccadilly Line I’ve been most looking forward to Boston Manor. Holden’s assistant Charles Hutton played a particularly key role in coming up with Boston Manor’s striking tower which was quite a departure from the usual “Sudbury Box” design that we’ve already seen elsewhere on the line. The style change was necessitated by the limited space available for the ticket hall which sits on top of a raised deck above the tracks.

The design actually takes inspiration from Dutch architecture of the 1930’s, but it instead reminds me of a New York style skyscraper of a similar period. It looks stunning from every angle, especially from the east where it was being silhouetted against the low sun. It acted as a beacon of guidance for me as I walked from Northfields (016). I must remember to come back here at night!

Image copyright A Carter – CallingAllStations.co.uk

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