Langstead: The Story So Far

Those of you following me on Twitter will have no doubt noticed a few dramatic developments on my layout of late. Whilst these will be worthy of their own posts as they advance, I thought now would be a good time to take stock of my layout thus far and see how it’s progressed over the 2 years I have been working on it.

August 2012 marked my return to the hobby I took up in my teens after I rediscovered my old models on a visit to my parents loft. At the time I lived in a shared flat, meaning I couldn’t have anything too permanent, however a plan started to develop

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Langstead – Episode 24: Summer 2014 Updates

So I realise there hasn’t really been a layout update since May! The last you will have seen is the work I undertook to permanently fix my two base boards together by building a new underframe.

This enabled me to properly complete the ballasting over the gap between the two boards as seen here…


You may notice that there are two types of ballast here. The reason behind this dates back to the expansion project I undertook last year when I happen to use a different type of ballast on the outer loop. For consistency purposes I’ve re-ballasted the entire layout using this new mixture.

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Langstead – Episode 23: Brace Yourself…

Today I drastically changed my layout. Not in a way that has changed the track plan nor altered the scenery as I have done in the past… No, today I joined my two base boards together.

Why is this such a drastic change? – I hear you cry. And for those just joining this story (and hello, by the way) you might be wondering why my layout was in two halves and wasn’t joined together already?

Original design concept showing how the track would be laid across two boards.

Original design concept showing how the track would be laid across two boards.

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Langstead – Episode 19: Scenic Cheating

Last time you caught me in the middle of upgrading the scenery and rearranging the layout’s buildings and town plan. Coupled with the addition of a new road bridge, this brought depth and a better focus to the layout.

As scenery development continues, I still have one problem left to deal with…


The act of adding a new outer oval of track has truncated my original level crossing (seen bottom right in the above image). This is further hampered by the height difference of the two baseboards. Whilst it’s still possible to model the completion of the level crossing over the outer oval it’s going to prove tricky to get it to look right. I thought long and hard about how to do this.. modelling plastics maybe, carefully shaping some strip wood perhaps.. but no stand out ideas emerged. Continue reading