100 Journeys: No 8

A number of things puzzle me about the choices made on the Central London Journey Planner maps installed in tube car interiors. You know the ones – they summarise the business end of the tube map in Central London. What exactly the map shows varies from line to line so for the purpose of this post I’m focusing on the Central Line’s 92 stock variants. These are open ended thoughts and as always responses are welcome…

  • Why have the designers gone to the effort of showing the 3 prongs of The Overground branches south of Surrey Quays without showing the next stations? Granted, space is at a premium on the map here, but there’s still enough room to at least incorporate New Cross where the 3rd branch terminates anyway. There’s also ample space to show Queen’s Road Peckham.
  • Could The North London Line not have been completed? There’s a gap where it disappears between Camden Town and West Hampstead…
  • Why is The GOBLin (Gospel Oak to Barking Line) shown at all? Yes we can see there’s some Overground at Barking but we have no idea where it goes… This is especially curious as the standard map includes a walking interchange between Wanstead Park and Forest Gate which is not shown here.
  • Why is Elephant & Castle not shown? There would be enough room to shuffle Lambeth North up and provide a useful bit of information about this key interchange.
  • Why were Cutty Sark, Perivale, Belsize Park and Upney to name but a few deemed unworthy in favour of a little more room?

What’s omitted from your line’s Central Journey Planner?

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100 Journeys: No 7

I audibly laughed.

Central Line driver at Liverpool Street eastbound sarcastically comes over the PA…

“We’re being held here because between us and Shepherd’s Bush there is, get this, only one other train. Well that must be a busy train… So now we’ve got to regulate the service, Oh and look, typically as I’ve just said that now they’ve given us the green”

You know this morning when I said the Central Line was back to working well? Yeeeh…

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100 Journeys: No 6

It’s foggy, haven’t you noticed?

Naturally I’m not one to shy away from the bandwagon so here’s my moody fog related picture.

I do love this time of year. The weather is so much more dramatic than the summer. Fog, rain, snow, wind – they seem to bring London alive. Whereas heat just makes it smell bad.

These days a good portion of the Underground network features (or is being converted to) a form of automated in-cab signalling. This removes or at least reduces the number of conventional ground located colour-light signals needed. Information of line speed and availability is instead fed to the driver inside the train. Whether or not the train is being driven manually or by the automated system, it means the driver can virtually ‘see’ further than they otherwise would have in these poor weather conditions. It ultimately makes the system safer and more reliable.

Whilst commutes up and down the country are being badly affected by the weather, this part of The Underground is working well.

For once…

Moody South Woodford

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100 Journeys: No 3

The calm before the storm.

Or after the storm. Yes it’s after the storm isn’t it… It’s 10:30am on a Tuesday. With the ordeal of yesterday’s peak-hour commuting now behind me, it’s time to embark on Journey 3. It’s remarkable how much the city changes in a matter of hours isn’t it?

I hate doing 9am starts on a weekday. It’s not the getting up early thing that bothers me… In fact I’d rather get up earlier and do an 8am start just because we haven’t reach maximum pushing and shoving, crowding and cramming, tutting and glaring yet. In some ways I’ve become far too accustomed to the luxury of not having to start every working day at 9am, not having to stand face to face with someone else’s elbow every day. I don’t envy those of you who do, and should I ever find myself in that position I’m not entirely sure my sanity would cope.

Yesterday was a fitting way to start this little project, a baptism of fire if you will. Launching straight in with little to no explanation of what these posts were about however was always how I wanted it to start. I think most of you get what it’s about even without an explanation… Heck a friend even commented on Twitter just after the Journey 1 post saying “I’ve always wanted to do that but with buses…” She got it.

100 Journeys, 100 pictures, 100 things noticed and 100 thoughts catalogued. This is going to be a trip into my inner monologue that rides with me on my travels on the Underground, logged through my smartphone collating places, people, buildings, objects and ideas that catch my eye.

Join me on this hopefully informative, slightly odd and definitely random ride.


Sedate South Woodford

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– Andy Carter