100 Journeys: No 8

A number of things puzzle me about the choices made on the Central London Journey Planner maps installed in tube car interiors. You know the ones – they summarise the business end of the tube map in Central London. What exactly the map shows varies from line to line so for the purpose of this post I’m focusing on the Central Line’s 92 stock variants. These are open ended thoughts and as always responses are welcome…

  • Why have the designers gone to the effort of showing the 3 prongs of The Overground branches south of Surrey Quays without showing the next stations? Granted, space is at a premium on the map here, but there’s still enough room to at least incorporate New Cross where the 3rd branch terminates anyway. There’s also ample space to show Queen’s Road Peckham.
  • Could The North London Line not have been completed? There’s a gap where it disappears between Camden Town and West Hampstead…
  • Why is The GOBLin (Gospel Oak to Barking Line) shown at all? Yes we can see there’s some Overground at Barking but we have no idea where it goes… This is especially curious as the standard map includes a walking interchange between Wanstead Park and Forest Gate which is not shown here.
  • Why is Elephant & Castle not shown? There would be enough room to shuffle Lambeth North up and provide a useful bit of information about this key interchange.
  • Why were Cutty Sark, Perivale, Belsize Park and Upney to name but a few deemed unworthy in favour of a little more room?

What’s omitted from your line’s Central Journey Planner?

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