036/270: #Queensbury – The Roundabout

The parish of Kingsbury (035) had already existed for some time prior to the arrival of the Metropolitan Railway. Queensbury on the other hand was a completely new suburb. This is evident by the imposing nature of the station facade and grand avenue leading up to it.

This was suburban new-town planning on an even grander scale than metro-land. And what should be at the heart of every new community? A station – with attractive electric trains through to the city. An advert for families keen to move out of the cramped conditions of the inner city.

That ‘advert’ for the station still survives in the form of this attractive roundel beacon in the middle of Queensbury roundabout. What better way to marry car and train.

Image copyright A Carter – CallingAllStations.co.uk

Lost Triangular Stations: Ambergate

Even before the closure of Queensbury and the reduction in size of Ambergate and Bishop Auckland, the triangular platform layout is a rarity not just in Britain but Globally. These days only Shipley and Earlestown survive with platforms on all 3 chords of a triangular junctions. So what happened to the other examples? Edward has been discovering Ambergate’s lost triangle.

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