100 Journeys: No 4

What are these for? I see these markers in various different guises at most stations. Sometimes the shape or colour varies.

In this instance the markers manifested themselves in large white boxes at regular intervals along the platform at King’s Cross on the Eastbound Circle Line. Near the front of the train one particular white box was also accompanied by a yellow diamond (as seen bellow).

Answers in the box bellow…

Platform Marker

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S Stock By Bachmann

Needless to say I’m super excited by the announcement of a factory motorised S-Stock set from Bachmann. So much so that this info couldn’t wait for the Weekly to feature on CAS, so here comes it’s own article…

Image From LT Museum Shop

Although 1:76 models of tube trains have been available for a number of years from other manufacturers (notably EFE), none have come pre-fitted with motors. Bachmann will offer a starter 4-car train pack which will set you back £280 or the full 8-car formation for a whopping £439. They’ll also offer a number of intermediate cars for £39.99 each so you can make up S7 and S8 formations from a starter 4-car pack in your own time…

“Why has the Museum commissioned this model?

London Transport Museum is a Registered Charity and all the money raised from the sale of these models (and all other Museum commercial activities) helps to preserve, exhibit and promote our world class collection and support our charitable activities.”

Those might be eye watering prices, and whilst I’m sure Bachmann are going to take a cut, at least your money is in part going to the good cause of railway preservation. It’s also worth considering that the prices are comparable to what you might pay to make up a full HST-set.

There’s nothing in either the Bachmann or LT Musuem press releases to suggest these sets will be limited but they will only be sold exclusively through the Museum Shop so expect them to be popular, with potential to sell out quickly!

Pre Orders are currently being taken and the models will be available from the Museum Shop in early October.

Read the full press release here: S Stock Model Underground Train | London Transport Museum Shop.

– Andy Carter

Side Tracked: BBC St. Mary’s Tube Station Tour

I found this interesting short film from the BBC as part of a Radio 4 documentary back in 2010. David Leboff takes you on a short tour of the disused District Line station St. Mary’s.

St. Mary’s station became surplus to requirement in 1938 when Aldgate East was relocated further east. Some interesting features of the station still remain today…


Video by BBC