100 Journeys: No 4

What are these for? I see these markers in various different guises at most stations. Sometimes the shape or colour varies.

In this instance the markers manifested themselves in large white boxes at regular intervals along the platform at King’s Cross on the Eastbound Circle Line. Near the front of the train one particular white box was also accompanied by a yellow diamond (as seen bellow).

Answers in the box bellow…

Platform Marker

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100 Journeys: No 2

17:30 is worse. I was wrong.

It doesn’t help that people got on at Bethnal Green. Nobody ever gets on at Bethnal Green. It was bad enough at Bank but now I can’t see further than a few inches in front of my own face. It’s like a fog, but a fog of people. I couldn’t lift my own hand to see if it was still there even if I wanted to.

Faces and arms clamouring for a sliver of pole to grip onto. They don’t need it of course, we’re so tightly packed in that’ll you’ll never fall over. Everyone has had enough with Monday, they’ve not even gone down the pub.

As the Essex suburbs get ever closer, tensions are lifting as people get nearer to their dinner.

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– Andy Carter