Croxley Rail Link Cancelled?

Diamond Geezer strongly suspects the Croxley Rail Link has quietly been cancelled, with no mention of it in TfL’s 2016 Business plan.

There is mention of the Bakerloo line extension, which Sadiq is attempting to fast-track. There is mention of the Northern line extension to Battersea, even if somebody at City Hall can’t spell. And there is mention of the London Overground extension to Barking Riverside, which will unlock the development of tens of thousands of homes. But of the Metropolitan line extension there is no mention at all.

Source: diamond geezer

I visited the area last year when going In Search of Network SouthEast where at the time I suggested it wouldn’t be long until the old NSE infrastructure was lost for good. Perhaps it will stick around a little longer after all…

CAS Weekly 18/11/15

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