4 thoughts on “Tube Map Challenge Video: Stations 085 – 101

  1. […] We’re on the cusp of The Docklands as we stand with our backs to the roar of the Blackwall Tunnel Northern Approach Road. On the other side of the 6-lane A12 lies a handful of derelict office blocks surrounded by waste land. You get a feeling that regeneration has been slow on the uptake this far north of the Isle of Dogs. Having said that, the uptake is now starting to come, with a large housing development planned next to the station. As you can see the drab 1970’s ticket hall is shrouded in plastic, ready to be pulled down and upgraded. The whole place has a very temporary feel to it. This is somewhat fitting as I at some point managed to misplace the photo of the outside, so until I get the chance to go back and retake it (oh joy!), have a still from the Map Challenge vlog… […]


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