086/270: #PrestonRoad – The Olympic Halt

Preston Road owes it’s existence to the Uxendon Shooting Club who first requested a small halt be constructed here to serve the 1908 Olympic Clay Pigeon Shooting venue. I’m bloody glad they did, as other than a fire in 2016 which burnt through the upper floors of the 1932 street level building, I was struggling to come up with any sort of anecdote at all.

That’s not to say the station is dull by any means. It’s got a pleasing and rather grand Arts and Crafts facade, similar in style to that at Kingsbury (035) but better kept. The platforms are more modest, with a central wooden waiting room block and some scattered flowerbeds. Yes we’re in true suburbia alright, but we’ll save all that juicy metroland stuff until we’re a little further out of town…

Image copyright A Carter – CallingAllStations.co.uk

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