066/270: #Hammersmith (District & Piccadilly) – The Salvaged

Hammersmith, that is the District & Piccadilly Hammersmith, is one of those stations I’ve always seen as function over form. With its entrance sunk deep inside a nondescript 1990’s shopping centre called “Broadway,” overlooking it is easy. The same shopping centre forced the demolition of the original Harry Ford facade, something many will view as architectural vandalism.

But out of the ashes of what was clearly a Needs-Must rebuild stands something quite interesting. Effort in that ‘architectural vandalism’ has at least been made to salvage the remains of the original station, which now provides the frame to a spectacular mosaic artwork of Hammersmith Bridge.

A the plaque on wall reads,

The application of old and new elements are a reminder of the continuing commitment by London Underground to art and design.

Image copyright A Carter – CallingAllStations.co.uk

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