065/270: #RavenscourtPark – The Victorian

To single out a station to represent the Victorian era is difficult, if not impossible, owing to the fact that such a vast part of the Underground network was constructed in that era. So how do you represent the quintessential Victorian station? Something well known, grand and imposing? Or maybe something a little more ordinary like the offering at Ravenscourt Park.

It opened in 1873, slap bang in the middle of the Victorian railway boom. It’s telling of the expansion, wealth and aspiration of the time. This would have merely been an unimportant suburban outpost but just look at the facilities it was given. It’s got neat triangular canopies spanning two island platforms, and offers commanding views over this area of affluent west London from on top of its viaduct. It’s topped off by a spacious and inviting ticket hall, strong in it’s brick and stone stature and symbolic of the age. Compare this with station construction in the modern age and with one of London’s newest suburban stations, Lea Bridge Road. This apologetic rebuild is just about lucky enough to receive a couple of small plexiglass shelters and certainly nothing as lavish as a ticket hall or street level building.

Image copyright A Carter – CallingAllStations.co.uk

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