Side Tracked: The NY Train Project

I take a particular interest in the design and architecture on Mass Transit systems. How do you make station buildings on the same system conform to a standard so people find them familiar and recognisable, whilst still maintaining their own individual identity? It’s this challenge of organisation verses individuality that I find so fascinating.

Embed from Getty Images

There’s a lot to be seen that we as commuters often miss through our hectic dash across the city.

In London, you’ll find terracotta tiled street buildings that are oh-so familiar with the Victorian built Bakerloo, Picadilly and Northern lines. Whilst in New York, where surface buildings are somewhat rarer, you’ll find functional and recognisable white tiled platforms, segregated by steel street supporting girders.

But what makes Covent Garden different to Camden Town, and what separates 34th from 110th?

Adam Chang of has wonderfully started cataloguing some of the mosaic embellishments on the New York City Subway that adorn the platform name plates of each station.

Start your trip on Adam’s NY Train Project and discover some of the architectural gems you might have missed on your last journey through city.


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