Tunnels & Turrets

In the United Kingdom we are fortunate in that we still possess a vast and varied railway network in terms of railway mileage, infrastructure, architecture and engineering. Railway tunnels were a means for railways to take the most direct and level course through obstacles such as hills or as a means of passing through land where

Source: Railway Tunnels – Architectural Splendor & Unusual Features

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Side Tracked: 2nd City Crossing Approved

Progress it seems at last, as fans of trains-that-run-on-roads excitedly read that Manchester Metrolink’s 2nd city crossing is approved.

It might not have the glamour of London’s new under construction city crossing, Crossrail; or the huge price tag of yet undecided HS2 – but The Met’s 2nd city crossing will provide much needed relief to a congested transport network.

Manchester Metrolink Map

Image by TfGM

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